Today on Mime Time: Gathering imaginary flowers.

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Remember that time when Animaniacs randomly made a cartoon that made you cry over wrapping paper?

Spielberg: So guys, what sort of crazy, funny, silly, zany moments do you have for this episode?

Cast/Crew: Well, we had an idea. Instead of making a crazy, funny, silly, zany episode, why don’t we make one about wrapping paper?

Spielberg: Wrapping…?

Cast/Crew: See it begins in a store where a bunch of wrapping papers are waiting to be wrapped around gifts. And this one wrapping paper gets picked on by the others.

Spielberg: Wait, so the wrapping paper’s alive?

Cast/Crew: Yes. No. Kind of. But yes.

Spielberg: Okay…then what happens?

Cast/Crew: And then it gets chosen to wrap a present.

Spielberg: Oh, that’s nice! Sure, we can -

Cast/Crew: Wait, there’s more!

Spielberg: More?

Cast/Crew: We’re going to have Mindy viciously rip the wrapping paper up when she opens the present.

Spielberg: You, wait, what? You just said that it was alive! You can’t rip it apart!

Cast/Crew: Don’t worry. A small piece survives.

Spielberg: Oh that’s a relief.

Cast/Crew: But it almost gets vacuumed. And then it gets thrown in the trash.

Spielberg: Well that’s…depressing.

Cast/Crew: And then it gets ripped apart even more in the dump truck.

Spielberg: Jesus Christ!

Cast/Crew: And then it swirls around in the dump.

Spielberg: This isn’t funny!

Cast/Crew: And then it gets caught underneath the tires of a bunch of automobiles and rips even more!

Spielberg: What the he-

Cast/Crew: And then it almost drowns but a fisherman saves what’s left of it.

Spielberg: And…it lives happily ever after with the fisherman?

Cast/Crew: Nah, he throws it and it lands in an alleyway where a guy rips it apart and uses a piece for his gum.

Spielberg: What?

Cast/Crew: And so the paper crawls into the garbage.

Spielberg: How is this funny!?

Cast/Crew: And then a homeless man finds it.

Spielberg: A homeless man!? A homeless man on Animaniacs?

Cast/Crew: Actually, we’re going to show the whole family living in a hollow car in a vacant lot. And the homeless man uses the piece of paper to wrap a dingy-looking toy for his son. Because it’s his homeless son’s birthday. And so he gives him the present. And the parents start to cry because they think that he won’t like it. But the son loves it. And they all hug. And he folds up the paper and gently puts it in his pocket. So…yay…happy ending!



Spielberg: Oh, what the hell? Go ahead and air it.

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what a fucking nerd

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Ahem. This has probably been done already but why not? Mr. Grumpy Bunny Noiz! I simplified his outfit, I got too lazy to do them right orz

Please don’t kick me out of the fandom


Nosebleed and black eye 

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based off of this

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